Satin Rod


Materials: The Extra Large Heatless Curl is made of high quality cloth, which is very soft and flexible to stretch, no heat needed, durable and reusable for you to use for a long time.


Heatless Curl: The curls are a kind of heat based styling products, which can adopt heatless curling system, will help to make beautiful and natural hair curls. The hair curlers are gentle enough, without damage to your hair, suitable for all hair types, whether dry or wet hair, long or short hair, thin or thick hair, also can work well with hair extensions and wigs.

Wide Application: The Heatless Curl is a good styling tool for women or girls to DIY their hairs, can simply fix the hair and the curls, without other’s help, which will give your hair a shiny feeling, making your look more attractive.

Easy to Use: You can apply the hair curlers when your hair is 70-80% dry, then take a section of hair about 1inch width through the curlers, not too large section from each hook, then keep them on your hair for about 20-30 minutes until hairs completely dry, then


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