Meet Malaysia

Malaysia is a licensed cosmetologist out of Plano,Texas. She specializes in healthy hair, wigs, and kids silk presses. Malaysia is a premier stylist at Pure and Healthy Hair Salon. She has been around hair all her life and has a natural talent for hair. At first she resisted but ultimately she could not deny her passion. She wants women to feel and look their best and takes pride in being able to help women achieve that goal on a daily basis. Malaysia plans to continue her education to master every aspect of curly hair and the art of hair cutting. She is grateful for the experience of watching and working with her mother, Sharlena Bell allowing her to learn a lot and grow as a stylist. However, she intends to continue to learn more, push the boundaries of healthy hair care, and create her own niche. 

Meet Sharlena

Sharlena Bell, a native of Waco, TX is a Master Hairstylist and the proud owner of Pure and Healthy Hair Salon. Her relationship with God, her love of family, and her passion for healthy hair are the keystones of her life. She has been doing what she loves, helping her clients maintain healthy beautiful hair since 1994, and has been working her magic in the greater Dallas Fort Worth area for the past 23 years. Sharlena combines her faith in God, her passion for healthy hair, and her years of knowledge and experience to provide each client with an unrivaled healthy hair care experience that is both professional and personalized. 


Her passion for hair wakes her up every day. She is motivated by the journey each strand offers and lives to help every client find their path to a lively, lustrous head of hair. She adores the look and feel of healthy hair and is inspired by the smile her clients give when they experience that lovely, beautiful hair feeling.

Her Purpose

 Sharlena has always lived her life under the belief that she can do all things through God, and recently she has been on a mission to share her passion for healthy hair. She enjoys teaching other stylists how to better care for their client’s hair and helping individuals understand how to better care for their own hair. She takes pride in using her wealth of knowledge and experience to inspire individuals and help develop eager stylists like her daughter Malaysia, into Healthy Hair Masters. Looking forward to the future she aims to build a legacy focused on educating the masses on how to properly care for hair in the salon and at home.



her Passion 

Sharlena specializes in natural hair and hair color however, her dedication to providing the best hair care available to a diverse clientele has led her to take countless hours of educational classes, seminars, shows, and attend other highly regarded events across the US. She has been awarded several certificates and accreditations for products and services using today’s latest technology and techniques. 

 Sharlena is a certified technician in:

  • Brazilian Blowouts
  • Colora color 
  • Phytospecific
  • Toni & Guy advance cutting
  • Redken exchange 
  • (Color and Know Why) Socap Hair extensions 
  • Babe extensions Dreamcatchers 
  • Miss Jessies, Prime Pro Haircare 
  • Prime Pro Professional National Educator

Her vast knowledge and experiences have led her to service her clients using only the best products and equipment, and when she couldn’t find the right products for her curly clients, she created her line, “Better Curl Days”. Not only does she use the products for herself and her clients; she has also made the product line available to all via her digital shop at Now, everyone can achieve beautiful, bouncy, shiny, and of course healthy curly hair.

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