Better Curl Days Shampoo and Conditioner Set

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Shampoo and conditioner created to keep curly hair looking healthy.



Steps to a wash and go Make sure hair is detangler in free of knots. Shampoo hair with better curl day shampoo 2 times to cleanse the scalp and remove the old product from the hair strands. Make sure you are finger detangling doing this shampoo process. This is a good time to use a detangling brush to remove sheds its hair. Remember hair sheds daily, if not removed the hair will remain tangled. Rinse the shampoo from hair thoroughly Use Better Curl Days Conditioner to add moisture, making sure the hair is really drenched in water leave the conditioner on the hair 3 to 5 minutes there’s no need to leave on longer because topical conditioners only work on the top cuticle layers of the hair they do not penetrate on the inside of the hair strand. Part your hair into four sections take a quarter size of the conditioner and run the conditioner through your hair with your fingers try fingered detangle to if the conditioner into your hair strands with the heat from your fingers to seal the cuticle.
Also, if you still have tangled strands, use a detangling brush or a large-tooth comb. After letting the conditioners sit from 3 to 5 minutes rinse thoroughly making sure you rinse the conditioner off of your scalp and the residue of the conditioner from your hair. Moisturizing conditioners are for the hair Not the scalp because conditioners can build up on your scalp and cause irritation and itching. The next step is to add Better Curl Days styling foam. Making sure your hair is drenched in water. A mister bottle filled with water handy. Taking small sections detangle with your fingers making sure the foam covers your hair strands depending on your curl texture you may have to Separate Curls in small sections. Once you have completed separating your curls, you can either let your hair air dry or diffuse your curls or sit under a hooded dryer. The hair is completely dry you can use a pic only picking from the inside not disturbing the curls on the mid-shaft or ends.

1 review for Better Curl Days Shampoo and Conditioner Set

  1. Meagan Thomas (verified owner)

    I love this Combination. The shampoo leaves my hair feeling super cool, light and soft! The conditioner smells amazing and automatically makes my curls pop! After I condition my hair, I don’t have to use any other product for 24-48hrs. And my hair is still soft and curls still pop!!

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